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Melbourne Bass Guitar Student Testimonials

Here are just a few testominals and reviews from some of Anthony's bass guitar students.

Anthony Pell possesses all the qualities you seek in a quality bass guitar teacher. With a bachelor of music degree base he is outstanding in his role as a music teacher. Anthony tailers his class to the level of competency you have, breaking down the lessons into achievable bite sizes. His patience and ability to correct mistakes and motivate is first rate. I look forward to my bass lessons with Anthony as he continues to unlock the qualities one needs to becoming a bass player."
Charlie Hommelhoff, Altona Meadows

"I was learning by myself and I hit a plateau. When I started lessons with Anthony some of the things he taught me was proper technique, and how to use scales in improvisation which is really opening up my bass playing. I definitely recommend Anthony as a teacher."
Lindy Tan, Footscray

"Anthony is an extremely knowledgeable and talented musician. His lessons are well prepared and consist of handouts, backing tracks & practical demonstration. They take place in a relaxed environment and cover a wide range of musical styles and theory as required. He's more than capable and happy to take you in whatever direction you want. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend his lessons to anyone."
Cameron Clark, Point Cook

"Anthony has been a skilled and patient teacher since I began learning the bass guitar. He had his work cut out with me (a 65 year-old novice) but he has nevertheless taught me many of the rudiments of playing and I look forward to continuing under his tutelage."
Dr John Tully, Melbourne

"Anthony Pell is a great teacher teaching both our boys, we highly recommend him"
Scott and Mandy Creswick, Yarraville

"Anthony has been teaching our 15 year old daughter for 6 months. With his patience, encouraging guidance and professionalism, she is gaining conifidence in reading and understanding the fundamentals of playing music in preparation for year 11 music.

Anthony understands the individual needs of the student and allows flexibility to the music that is learnt and played. He happily shares his euthusiasm for both teaching and music. We highly recommend him."
Glenn Casey, Williamstown

"Anthony is a great teacher who has helped me immensely with my technique and musicianship. He quickly identifies areas in which I need to improve and provides the pathways for me to achieve my goals. As well as practical playing, Anthony's knowledge of music theory has assisted me to make a massive improvement in my playing."
Luke Parker, Bass Student, 17

"Anthony is an easy going guy that immediately makes you feel at ease as a parent and keeps you informed of your child's progress and areas for development. As well as the one on one conversations Anthony is often in contact via phone and e-mail often sending homework and practice routines for the student. Anthony has a real interest in his students and sees their progress as a reflection of his own teaching. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Anthony Pell as a fantastic teacher"
Simon Parker, Parent of Luke


Anthony Pell - Melbourne Bass Player & Teacher
Anthony Pell - Bass Guitar Teacher

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